Audio Production

Our skilled audio producers are dedicated to delivering top-quality audio productions.  Music, sound effects and post production can be added to make your audio sound amazing. Whether you need audio for a small project or full audio branding for an entire podcast, we are here to help.

  • Audio Polishing
  • Showreels & Demos
  • Voice, Music & Effects Mixing
  • Audio Branding & Logos
  • Multi-Track Mixdowns
  • and more...

Audio solutions

We create and deliver exceptional projects. Our clients appreciate the value of our work, and continue to invest in themselves time and time again.


A post-production process used to refine audio recordings by removing unwanted sounds, adjusting volume levels, and enhancing sound quality.


A showreel demo is a short audio file or video that showcases an actor’s best work and demonstrates their range and talent. It is often used as a marketing tool to help actors get more work and capture the attention of casting directors and agents.


Voice, music, and audio effects are used to manipulate how an audio track sounds. Audio effects turn a so-so mix into a powerful finished track. We can use many things such as modulation effects, time-based effects and spectral effects like EQ and panning.


Audio branding translates your brand attributes and message into distinctive audible elements. The objective of audio branding is to create a unique audio identity that connects the abstract elements of your brand with your audience.


A mix-down is the process of combining multiple audio tracks into a single stereo track that sounds good and is ready for mastering. The goal of a mix-down is to make each layer of your track sit well together so that it sounds the best it possibly can.

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